Amy’s success story!

Amy had never believed that she had the potential to become a model until three years ago when Amy’s mum booked her a photo shoot with myself Matt Bates with the Model Experience as a treat! Starting up a modelling career takes a lot of confidence and dedication and Amy achieved just that: “Matt gave me the confidence I needed to begin my journey”. Amy then further progressed with my help and support and attended one of my exclusive I WANT TO BE A MODEL classes. The model classes include all of the basic knowledge you need in regards to the current modelling industry and all of the tips and tricks you need to know to help you towards becoming a successful model. She has also discussed how much she valued the skills she learnt in respects to spotting legitimate model agencies and the scammers. After Amy gaining experience in front of the camera and ultimately, gaining her confidence as a young, aspiring model, she was then accepted on to a very reputable northern model agency!

Amy then started to gain more and more experience not just as a model, but in front of the camera… as an extra on tv shows such as Hollyoaks and Emmerdale! She said: “This was an absolute dream for me as I have watched these shows religiously throughout my life!”

After gaining incredible work experience from a variety of small businesses and well-known brands; several months later, Amy began her true journey as a model. Other amazing opportunities she has had have included being part of a KFC advert, modelling for the catwalk at Harrogate, bridal work and poster work for the Yorkshire based ski company Tog24.

Ultimately, every job that you have as a model requires a variety of different skills, it is about having the confidence to go between jobs and be successful in what you do. Amy said that she is “always excited to take up another modelling opportunity, it is truly the most incredible industry to be a part of”. I have always known that Amy would make it in the modelling industry from her first photo shoot with The Model Experience, she has achieved so much over her journey so far and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Amy!

Are you inspired by Amy’s story? Do you think that yourself or your son/daughter has the potential to become a model? Amy has “strongly recommend them to anybody who is interested in becoming a model!” There is no better time to start your journey than now!