How To Be A Male Model

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    How To Be A Male Model

    What does it take to Become a Male Model?

    So you want to know How to be a Male Model. Having the perfect male model “look” isn’t enough when it comes to breaking into the industry. You need to be confident and capable in front of the camera, be relaxed working with strangers and have a great personality. There are also height restrictions for most modelling although its not as rigid as some would have you believe. Keep in mind that if a client likes working with you, you could be guaranteeing yourself work form them for years to come.

    There are more and more opportunities springing up in the male modelling industry and as such, a great way to take your first step on how to be a male model is by pinpointing what type of modelling you are suited to. From commercial and editorial photographic work, to health and fitness, sports and underwear. Furthermore there is TV extra work and much more lucrative TV commercials, or lesser paid Promotional jobs.

    Knowing how to be a male model and what it takes to have a full time lasting career, like myself (I started 24 years ago!) is key, so you must take good care of yourself. You need to look after your heart, your skin, your hair and your body. Eat well, take up a gym membership, drink at least 2 litres of water per day. Also, get used to spending a little more time on your health and well being…and get plenty of sleep.

    As the Founder of  I WANT TO BE A MODEL, I know exactly how to be a male model and what it takes to have a long and successful career as a male model. In addition, I know what the industry experts are looking for in up and coming talent (most of the time).


    The Model Portfolio Shoot – How to be a Male Model

    By booking a 1-2-1 model portfolio shoot with myself, you will not only be fulfilling the important requirement of creating your model portfolio, or by updating your current one, you will also be given an invaluable lesson into the modelling industry. You will also be given invaluable advice from my 2+ decades of experience on posing, expressions, how to work with with the outfit you are wearing and modelling to a brief/feel that a client may request. When you join a model agency, they will more often than not just send you out on your first job, with no training, you are thrown in at the deep end….and you will be expected to perform. No other company can offer you this detailed insight, call it a lesson if you like, which will prepare you for your first shoot.

    After your model portfolio shoot, you will be brimming with the exact confidence and skills required to start pursuing your career as a male model. It will be the ideal time to start contacting local model agencies, as well as model agencies further afield for representation. This is where another unique selling point of  I WANT TO BE A MODEL  becomes a massive factor as opposed to places online pretending to be a model agency, or calling themselves a model platform (even though they have no real links to genuine model agencies).

    I WANT TO BE A MODEL is not an agency, and certainly isn’t a model platform, but does have links to many of the TOP REPUTABLE model agencies throughout the UK. After the model portfolio shoot, I will forward your edited images to chosen model agencies. I must stress it is not my decision whether the model agency takes you on or not. This is a free service following the model portfolio shoot, and I will also provide a list of further reputable model agencies ensuring you won’t be sending images to places that will try scam you. Keep in mind that these model agencies receive 100’s of enquiries every week so often they never get looked at, but if I send them, they will look at them for me. Again I must stress, it is not my decision whether they choose to represent you or not.

    Before making any decisions regarding booking your model portfolio shoot, or model masterclass for that matter, why not take a look at the hundreds of 5* reviews. These are genuine reviews, from real models, parents and customers that have been to me for advice, a portfolio shoot or a model class.

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    as well as watching some of the video testimonials. If you go on a companies Facebook page and they have taken away the REVIEW section, you can be pretty certain they have done that because they get so many negative reviews. That’s a really good way to check whether a company is good or not, or Google their company name plus the words “reviews” or “model scams”.

    I have nearly 600 amazing reviews from customers, models and parents so am very happy to showcase them for you to read.

    Finally, although there are many glamorous elements to male modelling, plus of course the potential for financial gain, it is hard work and a full-time job. Therefore, it’s only right for those who are willing to dedicate themselves to their male modelling career…and then maybe you will be flown all around the world like I have been.

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