How To Become A Model

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    How To Become A Model

    Learning how to become a model is now easier than ever but unfortunately with that brings problem. It has meant an abundance of “agencies” or “modelling platforms” have popped up everywhere. Whether you want to know how to be a female model or how to be a male model. Maybe you are enquiring about modeling for kids or modeling for teenagers; please be very careful.

    These places give the impression of being a model agency but aren’t, they are out to scam you for lots of money. I know I because I’ve researched them extensively. I’ve spoken to them on many occasions….they lie, it’s as simple as that. This is not how to become a model.

    Meet Matt – I’ll show you How to Become a Model

    I’ve been a full time model all over the world for 24 years. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. Keep this in mind and go on the Facebook Page of these companies and read the reviews. Problem is you won’t be able to as they get so many bad reviews they take the section off. They will not be able to tell you or show you how to become a model. Now, click on and read 100’s of my reviews.

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    Also, if you speak to them ask how much a shoot will cost, because that’s what you will be going for. They will ask for a deposit but will never tell you a price…if they won’t, walk away. I regularly work with parents that have spent literally £1000’s….and they are still no nearer knowing how to become a model, how to be a female model or how to be a male model, or where to look for modeling for kids or modeling for teenagers.


    Founded by international model, Matt Bates, who with over 2 decades working as a successful editorial and commercial model, is full of advice and tips for his clients on ensuring they pick the right agency and that they do not end up being scammed out of hundreds, and often thousands of pounds. Speak to Matt and learn how to become a model, how to be a female model, how to be a male model or who to speak about for modeling for kids and modeling for teenagers.
     A reputable agency will never ask for a joining fee, sometimes a small admin fee for licenses. If they want you they will sign you up and take their payments as commissionon the jobs they get you. So if the question of money arises before you are working for them, walk away. Too many people make the same mistakes wanting to know how to become a model.
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