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Coco had been scammed 3 times, but got signed to a top reputable agency after her Open Day session with me, Matt Bates… I WANT TO BE A MODEL LEEDS GETS MODELS SIGNED.

It was sad to hear Coco’s story when she first approached me, she just wanted to get her gorgeous daughter (Zara) into modelling. She had been scammed 3 times, yes 3 times, by the increasing number of fake model agencies out there currently ruining people’s dreams and finances.

I spent a long time on the phone with Coco before the Open day as I wanted to reassure her as much as possible, but rightly she was very sceptical. She had spent £1000’s, been promised the world with nothing delivered. I referred her to the amazing Facebook reviews we have from over 500 models and parents, so have look yourself…

Unfortunately the places she had been going to weren’t proper agencies, just very very expensive studios charging insane amounts of money. They arrange a fake model agency to call them ‘We want her now, but you need the pictures!” is the normal line…but its all a scam!

I repeat I WANT TO BE A MODEL LEEDS GETS MODELS SIGNED, so when Coco came to me on the Open day we sat down and had a long chat. She needed to see and hear I was different, and I don’t blame her…just wish she’d been so sceptical with the other 3 places!

She brought Zara in and i knew right away I would be able to help her, so we did a quick shoot, mostly headshot updates then once I had the images edited I sent them to Coco. More importantly I sent them off to top reputable model agencies, ones i model for myself so I knew they would be seen by the right people, the bookers and agency owners.

Zara had agencies fighting over, and it was so nice tone able to tell her mum this…Zara is now signed. Mission accomplished!

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, many times… I WANT TO BE A MODEL LEEDS GETS MODELS SIGNED.

You don’t need to spend thousands on expensive folio shoots, you can just send snaps off yourself if you know what you are doing, and know who to send them to. Thats the main problem, people go searching and it’s often the Scam places that come up…so if I do some headshots I know they are only going to the best uk model agencies. I’ve been modelling 26 years now full time and I still every year pay for Updates to my Folio, thats totally normal. I would never though pay more than £250….NEVER!

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