Matt Bates ultimate tips to avoiding modelling scams

Unfortunately, modelling scams are something which is becoming more and more apparent in the modelling industry. The problem is the ordinary person does not know how to identify a scam compared to the real deal… who would, right? This can lead to many fake agencies taking full advantage. These scam are especially apparent with children. As a parent, we would do anything to help our children start up a potential modelling career. The problem is, the scammers are aware of this fact and are also aware that you would pay just about anything for them to “get signed”. So, how can we identify these modelling scams and steer clear?

If you’re being stopped in the street, it’s probably a scam

Ever been stopped and told that yourself or your child are so beautiful that you had great potential in the model industry? Then the person claims they are a modelling scout for one of the best agencies in the UK? Sounds very familiar for a lot of people. A lot of the time this is almost certainly a scam. Don’t be fooled by their kind words and “guarantee of modelling work”. Most of the time you will be asked to show up for a creation of the portfolio which can cost around £1000 where scams are concerned and then… you’ll hear nothing. Unfortunately, a portfolio was not created you were invited simply for a very expensive photo shoot.

Modelling courses will not guarantee your work

Do not be fooled if a “model agency” claims to guarantee your work. This is not true. The course will prepare you for life as a model; give you some extra depth and knowledge into working within the model industry and how to be prepared. These courses are great if it is run by someone who actually has experience within the model industry and has the necessary knowledge. Not from a scammer. Another common tip is to avoid prepayment for a modelling course. It is common to show up on the day and for the course to be non-existent with model scammers! You should always be very wary if any model agency guarantees anything. The modelling industry is very competitive. No portfolio creation or modelling course could provide 100% guarantee that you will get signed.

Things to consider…

Despite modelling scams, you will always be expected to pay for model portfolio images. However, you should NEVER pay above £500. As a full time model of 24 years, I have always paid approximately £250 for model portfolio photographs.

You must also consider that the scam model agencies would never be aware of big brands like ASOS or Topshop looking for new models. They would only be telling reputable and legitimate model agencies. So, do your research. Do not be fooled my guarantees and promises that these scammers cannot keep.

Want to avoid being scammed? Get in touch with full time model of 24 years and photographer of 15 years, Matt Bates. Avoid “guaranteed modelling work” and go for the real deal of “amazing success rates after a model portfolio shoot” with myself. See the difference? Over the last few years I have helped hundreds of people get signed, the right way. You can find out more about building up your model portfolio and also taking model classes on our website.