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Run by full time model Matt Bates


Hi, my name is Matt Bates, I’ve been a full time model for 24 years, and have modelled all over the world for most of the world’s biggest brands. I have also been photographing new models for nearly 15 years and then with my contacts, hopefully help them get signed to top Model Uk Agencies, ones that I still model for myself.

I have been working tirelessly against companies who scam and exploit new models wanting to get into this fantastic industry. Unfortunately, knowing How To Become A Model and trusting the right company is proving harder and harder, which is why I have set up I WANT TO BE A MODEL.

Read the amazing customer reviews on so you know you have come to the right person, the only company run by a full time professional model with genuine contacts.

Call or text me on 07712 – 425996, email me at or fill in the Register Here form and I will get you booked in for a shoot, which will be a lesson in posing, expressions, as well as an invaluable insight into the whole modelling industry for both models and most importantly parents too.

Alternatively I can prepare you a detailed document tailored to you specifically. In this document will be research I will do finding you the nearest trusted local portfolio photographers, with set prices, travel requirements, as well as a list of reputable Model Uk Agencies that won’t charge you to join, that get real modelling work and are recommended  by professional models like myself.

My daughter models so I totally understand the need for trustworthy Uk Model Agencies so the extensive research I do for you will mean you don’t get scammed for £1000’s, lied to whilst having dreams shattered. Let’s make sure you’re not the next modelling scams victim.

Don’t get Scammed, get Signed…Speak to Matt.