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    So, what is the model guide? This is a unique document tailored to the individual model that will ensure you NEVER fall one of the very common modelling scams. This will be the best money you spend in the modelling industry and ensure that you don’t waste potentially hundred’s and often thousand’s of pounds on a fake modelling agency.

    Designed by myself, Matt Bates, a full time model for over 20 years. I have worked all over the world for lots of the biggest brands there are. I know that every week far too many new model’s dreams are ruined by modelling scams. Therefore, before you potentially become the next victim, purchase yourself your own personalised model guide.

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    Why do you need your own model guide?

    Thats very simple…it will save you wasting your money, your time and keep your dreams alive. l have helped 100’s of new and established models and the model guide is the ultimate way to make sure you are next.

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    Included in the personalised Model Guide will be lots of invaluable information relative to you as an individual. More importantly it will be relevant to you as a new model, or the parent of a new model. The research I perform for each Model Guide will be based on where you live, there is no point joining an agency in Glasgow if you live in Brighton. My advice has always been to start local then look to join more model agencies as you get more experience.

    For Child Modelling or Teen Modelling you have the options to go with a model agency that is specific for younger models, or go with a model agency that has both a Children’s and Adults section. The choice is yours but you will see in the Model Guide document that I research both options for you.

    I have been a full time model for 24 years and work for most of the best model agencies across the UK. I also know which of the other modelling agencies up and down the country can be trusted, and more importantly, which ones to avoid immediately. Unfortunately, the rise of the modelling scam has been become more and more apparent in the modelling industry. This is why the Personalised Model Guide is 100% the best money you will spend if you are new to the industry. However, this isn’t just for a new model, I regularly do research for established models that might need to refresh their careers.


    Firstly, as I mentioned earlier, we base the information on where you live. Therefore I would need your postcode (don’t need the House Number) then I will look at Modelling Agencies closest to your address, and ones further afield. There will be a list of Sole and Non Sole agencies (Sole means you can only be with that agency, Non Sole means you can be with multiple agencies but not in the same city). I must stress again, these will be ALL top and reputable model agencies, ones I know are legitimate and can be trusted in your model guide.

    You will receive a list of model agencies, their contact details and web address…if you get asked about other agencies, ask me first, I’ll know right away if they are genuine or not. There will be a distance shown to travel from your home address to the Model Agency, as well as travel plan options.

    You will then see in your Model Guide a list of local Portfolio Photographers that can be trusted, have a good reputation, and have a set price of what they charge. There is no way then you can turn up for a shoot at a model scam place and they try charge you £1000’s for a shoot. You will know exactly what the cost will be and what you will receive for that amount (number of outfit changes and number of edited images). Alternatively you can send snapshots to the list of recommended model agencies. Once again, in your model guide, there will be a distance shown to travel from your home address to the photographer, as well as travel plan options.

    Finally in the Model Guide will be a suggested Moodboard detailing outfits to potentially use if you choose to have a portfolio shoot. It will also show poses and expressions to go for. Its a great idea to practise these poses and expressions before a shoot. a good starting place for poses is to use the out fit you are in….for example, use the pockets, one at a time, then both pockets, both back pockets etc. Expressions can be broken down to 3 simple options….firstly a soft neutral face, then a half smile followed by a big beaming teeth smile. Lets be clear about this, models with a great smile work, they work a lot so get practising!

    After the moodboard you will see a long list of outfit ideas to take. These will be relevant to the sex and age of the model obviously so are a good starting point. Avoid fancy outfits, hair bands…keep it nice and simple. The idea is to showcase the model as much as possible, not the outfit. Take with you outfits for indoor and outdoor, accessories like sunglasses and hats for maybe a fun shot. Just take as much variety as possible.

    I’ll be honest, like I said earlier, this is a no brainer to anyone who is worried about being scammed, and those who have unfortunately already been scammed…..don’t hesitate, purchase your Personalised Model Guide and start your modelling career NOW!