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    The Model Portfolio Shoot

    So what is a model portfolio shoot? Well at a lot of places it is a shoot with an inexperienced photographer who has little knowledge of the modeling industry. The wrong studio will charge you a fortune, promise you the world yet deliver nothing. Customers have regularly told myself they spent £1000’s for the shoot, one gentleman from Swansea spent £4500. They lied to him, saying they were an agency, he heard nothing from them again. There won’t be any modeling jobs coming from these places, avoid at all costs. Finally you won’t end up with a top model uk agency.

    Why do you need a model shoot?

    A model portfolio shoot is something all models need, new and established models. It is what an agency uses to showcase you, its required for them to represent you. It is what gets you modeling jobs. I have been a full time model for 24 years and every year I will still go visit 2 or 3 model portfolio photographers to update my own book. When I get the new shots back, I will send them immediately to all my top model uk agencies. More often than not that will lead to another influx of work, you have to be proactive.

    Unfortunately a lot of studios aren’t there to help you, they don’t make you feel relaxed. To get the best out of a new or established model it is important the model feels at ease with you. They have to deliver what you need in your model portfolio shoot, you are paying for it. You need a good portfolio to get with a top model uk agency. Moreover you need it for modeling jobs.

    A Model Portfolio Shoot with myself, Matt Bates, gets you modeling jobs. Be a top model uk

    Why is a shoot with myself different? Firstly, I have been in 1000’s of model shoots, for amazing clients, and for top model uk agencies. Secondly, I have photographed 100’s of new models and those models that have been working for years. There are many more reasons why a shoot with myself is the way forward. I totally understand how nervous new models can feel on their first shoot, I know, I’ve been there myself. This understanding is so important as I pride myself in making new models relaxed and feel comfortable. In the shoot itself a model needs to pose, smile, and move naturally. However a new model doesn’t know how to do this, so my experience is invaluable to make sure we get the best looks and best images possible.

    Amazing Success Rate after the model portfolio shoot with Matt

    I have over the last few years helped get 100’s of new models get signed to amazing reputable uk model agencies, and even agencies abroad. After the shoot I have helped established models get more agencies. I have helped new and aspiring actors get with TV commercial ad TV extra agencies, as well as acting agencies. This industry is all about being proactive, doing the right things, working with the right people. Also, getting with the right agencies is key…its all about the people you know, or should I say, I know!


    When you book in for a model portfolio shoot we will discuss at length outfits and what you can expect on the day. You will know exactly the cost of the shoot and how many outfits we will shoot, and the number of edited images you will receive. I will not be selling you your own website, or Z-cards…you don’t need them. On the day of the shoot, it will be myself you deal with. I will help with posing, expressions, styling and making you feel as relaxed as possible. It isn’t just a model portfolio shoot though. Its a lesson in modeling, and a lesson in the modeling industry itself for both the model and parents.

    Click below to see more shots from my model portfolio and some of the modeling jobs I have done


    Remember too, when you book in for a model portfolio shoot make sure you are given a price. If they avoid telling you walk away. If you call me on 07712 – 425996 or contact me here I will discuss with you and your parents the cost, the shoot and outfits. After the shoot, we will collectively select the images to edit.

    Once they have been edited I will send images on your behalf to agencies I see fit your look. You will also leave with a detailed breakdown of other agencies to contact, their websites and contact details. This is invaluable to make sure never get scammed. You can be safe in the knowledge your images will be getting seen by the right people, actual agency owners and bookers…agencies that get actual modeling jobs. Morever, I only deal with reputable model agencies, often ones that I still model for myself.


    Every month I get new models signed to Top Model Uk Agencies after a shoot with myself

    If travelling to Leeds is too far for a shoot then consider the “Make me a Model guide – don’t get scammed, get signed. Save £100’s right now!” as this document will be tailored to you. I will research for you local agencies, local respected model portfolio test photographers, and travel plans to the studio and agencies. Also, preparing you a moodboard for your shoot so you know the kind of images you need to be getting.

    Spending £30 will make sure you don’t get scammed. I only deal with proper agencies and photographers. It will make sure you don’t get conned out of £1000’s. Believe me this happens every week to 100’s of new models. I will get a set price from the photographer for you. Never more than £500 and the £30 will be knocked off the price too. On top of this, a comprehensive list of model agencies and contact details. This information is priceless…and its only £30.


    In conclusion get in touch, read more about me here…