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    Modelling For Kids

    Modelling for kids can be a fun and lucrative experience, but it is important you don’t fall for one of the many model scams. As a parent myself I know how precious your children are so want the best for them. I can guarantee they will be looked after every step of the way. Before we go any further, please have a read through REAL reviews from other parents & models that I have helped, photographed, and sorted reputable uk model agencies for…

    You can also click this link to see 100’s of reviews relevant to modelling for kids on facebook

    I can’t delete or amend these reviews, there are a lot from parents of child models, (as well as other models and customers in the studio) discussing how they were treated and the help I gave them. Be very careful when you look on a business page on Facebook for any company that they have a Review section. This isn’t the same as then writing on their own wall a review. If they don’t have the Review section its very likely they have taken it off due to a high number of negative reviews. Its not possible to delate negative reviews individually, so all they do is delete the whole section…be aware of this!

    What makes a good child model?

    Agencies and clients want the same thing, a child model that wants to be there, enjoys it and will take direction. So many parents get their child into modelling for kids without seeing whether the child enjoys the experience or not. There aren’t as many height and weight restrictions for child modelling so its all about getting the right portfolio, then getting with the best agency possible.

    More and more high street retailers, and supermarkets are designing clothing for child models so there is more and more work available over a large cross section of ages.. The work certainly isn’t just restricted to London, cites such as Leeds and Manchester are very busy with modelling for kids. There are many other cities too with very good agencies that deal with child modelling. Having been a full time model for 24 years I often work with child models. If you walk down the high street, look through holiday brochures, clothing brochures, furniture websites to name but a few, you will see lots of child models.


    Modelling for kids – Me working with child models


    Me on a shoot in the Caribbean with 2 child models for 2 weeks.


    This was a great job, shooting for 2 weeks in the Caribbean. We all flew into Miami then boarded the ship for 2 weeks cruising. On a job like this, modelling for kids is an unforgettable experience. We were doing shoots on the ship and on land. Safe to say we all had a whale of a time…and the 2 child models had so much fun. And the best part, for prospective parents of child models, a parent go to go free, all expenses paid, and got paid to be there too!

    Not sure why they called me “Dave” though, but I did love paying on the surf machine for 3 days!



    Remember too, when you book in for a model portfolio shoot make sure you are given a price. If they avoid telling you walk away. If you call me on 07712 – 425996 I will discuss with you and your parents the cost, the shoot, outfits, posing and expressions. It will also be a lesson for you and your parents into the whole modelling industry. This is invaluable to make sure never get scammed. Morever, I only deal with reputable model agencies, often ones that I still model for myself.

    If travelling to Leeds is too far for a shoot then consider the “Make me a Model guide – don’t get scammed, get signed. Save £100’s right now!” as this document will be tailored to you. I will research for you local agencies, local respected model portfolio test photographers, and travel plans to the studio and agencies. Also, preparing you a moodboard for your shoot so you know the kind of images you need to be getting.

    Spending £30 will make sure you don’t get scammed. I only deal with proper agencies and photographers. It will make sure you don’t get conned out of £1000’s. Believe me this happens every week to 100’s of new models. I will get a set price from the photographer for you. Never more than £500 and the £30 will be knocked off the price too. On top of this, a comprehensive list of model agencies and contact details. This information is priceless…and its only £30.


    In conclusion get in touch, read more about me here…