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    Modelling for Teenagers

    There are so many exciting opportunities within modelling for teenagers but it’s massively important you speak to the right people. First of all, the teenage model is the most common age group to get scammed by so called modelling platforms.

    Let me introduce myself again my name is Matt Bates and I’ve been a full time model for 24 years. Furthermore I have worked all over the world and regularly work on shoots where modelling for teenagers is as common as modelling for children.

    Myself, Matt Bates, modeling for NEXT clothing.

    Lovely words from a teenage model now working for a great model agency.



    Every week I shoot a new teenage model, and every week I help get them signed to respectable model agencies. Most of all please be aware of the scams that promise you the world yet deliver nothing. The average spend at these places is around £1200 to £2000, and really they are just a photo studio. They give you the impression they are a model agency or have specific agencies lined up for you. But they don’t, they don’t even have an agency….and no reputable model agencies will deal with these people.




    Who needs a Teenage Model?

    Most clothing companies have a large range of clothing aimed at young people so modelling for teenagers is a very busy market. As a result, get with the right agency and you can earn lots of money. But its not just clothing companies using teenage models. If you look through a travel brochure, you will see teenage models. Watch a furniture TV commercial and you will often see a teenage model sat on a sofa watching an iPad. Everywhere you look on the High Street, on fashion websites, you will teen models…so modelling for teenagers is an important section of the model industry.

    The images below are recent shoots here at I WANT TO BE A MODEL, all these new models were signed by great respected model agencies following the shoot with myself.


    Modelling for Teenagers – How to be a Teenage Model

    So what does it take to be a teenage model? Well, at this age height isn’t as important as it can be as you get older. From my vast years of experience I know what makes a good teenage model…and what doesn’t! You have to have the right look obviously. However keep in mind there are many “looks” too that clients want to use for their brands. The girl next door, the rock chick, the sporty guy, the smiling boy next door….therefore the list is endless.

    If you imagine a shoot for a large clothing brand for example. Costs include the photographer, photography assistants, the studio, a stylist, a make up artist, and the models. Include moths of planning, meetings, castings and it already adds ups to £1000’s. So if a model is sent by a proper model agency and turns up on time, takes direction, smiles when needed, doesn’t complain, stays off their mobile phone etc, it is like gold dust. The client is happy, the agency gets great feedback so they will send the teen model on more shoots. Chances are the photographer and client will book the same model over and over again.

    However, if they are late, rude, don’t take what they were supposed to, constantly on social media, acting like a diva then its a huge disaster. The whole day will be written off, all the money wasted, the agency won’t get used again and the model will certainly never work again. From the very start of the working relationship with a proper model agency it is imperative that both the teen model, and their parents, are professional and polite. Remember the model agency is your source or work and income…so be nice to them!

    Here are more models that have been shot by myself and went on to be signed by amazing uk model agencies. Check out the 100’s of reviews on


    There are many options with uk model agencies. I can advise you every step of the way to find the best match for you. Some model agencies look after just child & teenage models, whereas some deal with children, teenagers and adults. Some model agencies are whats called “sole” meaning a model can only be with the one agency. “Non sole” uk model agencies allow you to be with multiple model agencies, use to within the same city. After the model portfolio shoot with myself we will discuss the best options for you taking into consideration your look, location and ability to travel. A very important consideration with modelling for teenagers is what stage of education you are at. Keep in mind that you have to have a council license (which the agency will sort for you). Every time a job or casting comes in that involves missing school has to be approved my your school. If this happens to be in the middle of GCSE exams then the school will say no.

    Have a discussion with the school as modelling helps financially, you learn the value of work, timekeeping, dealing with new people etc. In times where schools are no longer pushing work experience due to budget cuts, then they should see this as a positive step. Remember too, when you book in for a model portfolio shoot make sure you are given a price. If they avoid telling you walk away. If you call me on 07712 – 425996 I will discuss with you and your parents the cost, the shoot, outfits, posing and expressions. It will also be a lesson for you and your parents into the whole modelling industry. This is invaluable to make sure never get scammed. Morever, I only deal with reputable model agencies, often ones that I still model for myself.

    If travelling to Leeds is too far for a shoot then consider the “Make me a Model guide – don’t get scammed, get signed. Save £100’s right now!” as this document will be tailored to you. I will research for you local agencies, local respected model portfolio test photographers, and travel plans to the studio and agencies. Also, preparing you a moodboard for your shoot so you know the kind of images you need to be getting. Spending £30 will make sure you don’t get scammed. I only deal with proper agencies and photographers. It will make sure you don’t get conned out of £1000’s. Believe me this happens every week to 100’s of new models. I will get a set price from the photographer for you. Never more than £500 and the £30 will be knocked off the price too. On top of this, a comprehensive list of model agencies and contact details. This information is priceless…and its only £30.


    In conclusion get in touch, read more about me here…