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    Unfortunately, modelling scams are very very common, and it sickens me. They are going on every day, every week, every month up and down the country.

    So what are modelling scams?

    Well, a place that pretends to be a model agency, promising you work when infact they are just a photo studio is what I class as modelling scams. They take advantage of the fact so many young or old people want to be a model. They take advantage of the fact that so many parents want their child to be a model. They also take advantage of peoples’ lack of knowledge about the modelling industry when really they should be there to help, not charge them extortionate amounts of money for what is essentially a photo shoot.

    Modelling scams are everywhere, like I said, so let’s look further into what’s needed to get into a uk model agency. Firstly, a model agency cannot charge you to join, this is illegal. They can though charge you a small admin fee to get images on their website. They will charge you a license fee for your child, this is required so totally normal. If you speak to a model company and they won’t tell you what the cost of the shoot is, its a modelling scam. If they won’t or can’t tell you the name of reputable uk model agencies they work with, or say “I don’t have that information” then they are modelling scams.

    Another common modelling scam is to invite you down for an “assessment” saying model agencies are ready to sign you. Yes there are lots of uk model agencies waiting to sign new models, I know as I speak to all my agencies every week. They are always on the look out for new models….from babies to 60 year olds. But the scam is that its not a model agency, just a studio saying they have an agency ready for you. So you would go for the shoot, then wait for a few hours while they edit your pictures and then get you back in. They have you as a captive audience and will assure you that if you buy the portfolio images then the agency will sign you. This is where they hit you with £800 for the images, often its £2000, and I’ve even spoken to parent recently who was charge nearly £4500.

    Its become a bit of an urban myth that you don’t need to pay for a model portfolio. I regularly visit a model portfolio photographer (because I can’t take pictures of myself) every year to update my own model portfolio… and I would 100% expect to pay for the images. I would never ever pay more than £500, but I do pay for them, knowing that when I send the updated images to my uk model agencies they will get me more work. I am being proactive which model agencies expect. However, you should never spend more than that, and as I have said before, if thew company that wants to book you in will not give you a price then walk away. The modelling scams will tell you NEXT are looking for models, or ASOS are looking for child models. They may well be but they wouldn’t be telling any of these model scam places…they would be telling proper legitimate modelling agencies.

    So why am I different and not one of the modelling scams?

    Well thats very easy and has been explained many times across this website. I’ve been a full time model and photographer for 24 years. Read all about me and my career here…

    Shoot in Canaries

    I work for, and with, lots of the Uk’s best model agencies, and have done all my career. I do shoots (and classes) for new models, and established models. I’m not a modelling platform, I’m not a model agency but I am someone who has worked in the industry a very long time. I care about this great modelling industry and I care deeply that people don’t get conned or scammed. If you ask me the price of the shoot, I will tell you. You will never pay a penny more than the agreed price, and you will never ever pay more than £500 with myself. A shoot with myself is not just a shoot, its a lesson in modelling and more importantly a lesson in the modelling industry for both the model and parents. This is invaluable, as by the end of the session, you will be a lot closer to achieving your dream to be a model. Unfortunately if you visit one of the modelling scams places you will pay way too much for a shoot, and you will be no nearer becoming a model with a top reputable model agency. You will never hear from them again, you will have wasted a lot of money and time too. I will personally send your edited images to proper model agencies if I feel your look is right for that specific agency, and I will also give you a comprehensive list of top reputable model agencies that you can trust, with contact numbers and names.

    Facebook reviews are a great way to see how genuine a place. Let me explain why. On a Facebook business page there is a section called REVIEWS. If someone goes on and writes a review, the business cannot delete it if its negative. If they receive lots of negative reviews all they can do is delete the whole section, remove it from their business page. So ask yourself, why would a company delete this section if they had great reviews? Well they wouldn’t, which is why you can see mine here…

    So if you cannot see the section then this immediately tells you they have received really bad reviews and don’t want you to read them. This is very different to the company writing on their own page “Sue from Sheffield says it was amazing!” This is the company just making something up to try fool you. Please contact me…. don’t get scammed, get signed!